Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Some people can't use reason

Of all the claims leveled against Obama, these two are surely the most ridiculous:

1) He's spending more money than McCain.

Wouldn't you? Let's look at it in it's parts.

First, there's the choice of sticking with public funding v. raising your own. Both originally were going to use the public funds. (I freely admit that I don't really know the rules here, so correct me if I'm wrong.) Realizing that Obama could raise more money from the groundswell of common people anxious to elect him, he decided to raise his own instead.

I've noticed that McCain will do absolutely anything to get elected - twist his opponent's words into something that wasn't actually said, outright lie, and use his reputation as a respectable man to suck you in. Compared to this, isn't it totally appropriate to go with the larger funding source in order to get elected?

And let's look again at the source of this money. It's money coming from - well, me! Because I am one of those people anxious to get him elected! Because I will beggar myself, if necessary, to make sure he has enough money to get there.

If we, the little people, are more willing to support Obama with our hard-earned money than McCain's supporters are willing to yield to him, doesn't that compel the issue right there? Isn't that the basis of both capitalism and democracy?

In fact, turning that inside out, isn't McCain's use of public money closer to the socialist ideals he professes to abhor?

2) He's taking money away from you and giving it to lazy people who don't work.

Redistribution of wealth has always been with us. In ancient times, the wealthy would leave 'gifts to the gods' in the temples, which were then redistributed to the poor. In the late middle ages, they gave it a name: Noblesse Oblige - the obligation of the nobility - which in part meant that it was incumbent on the nobility to make sure that those under them didn't starve.

And the US has been giving tax rebates for as long as *I* have been paying taxes!

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Our system is no exception to that rule. The middle class is shrinking, as a few move up into 'rich' and more and more snowball down the hill into 'poor'.

(And what really amazes me is that McCain appears to genuinely believe that the 'middle class' makes more than $250,000 per year!!! We're considered 'rich' around here to make over $50,000!)

Anyway, the redistribution is to the working poor! It's an incentive to continue trying, continue working, instead of giving in to welfare and despair.

And it's a huge boost to the general economy. Much more than Bush's $600 per taxpayer. It enables thousands of people to buy things that their normally restrained lives could not otherwise afford. It gives the economy a shot in the arm in the spring, directly opposite the Christmas one, to keep many businesses alive in stringent times.

If you're watching only FOX news, you're getting a really scewed picture.
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