Taro (mother2012) wrote,


Don't click unless you're prepared for Teh Ugly -

Back here I posted a picture of the first 'wall' of the mini-library, the shell of a rack of bookshelves.

Here it is now, with shelves and lots of books:

The thing in front of it is NOT a pulpit! It's a telephone book stand, and will have shelves below it. The phone will be on the wall in the green space above it.

Another view - looking up at the whole magnificent 8 feet:


Here I am cutting a notch in a soffit board to fit around the on-ceiling lighting cords.


And here I am realizing that I've cut the notch in the wrong edge:


Oh, the room? Sometimes we laughingly call it the dining room. It hasn't been actually available for dining for years.

Here I'm posing for Daughter to take a snapshot of putting up the soffit:


And here I am *actually* putting up the soffit:


Hm ... That's enough for tonight, I think.
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