Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Can I be wrong?


I frequently am. Even when I'm very sure.

Nevertheless, I *am* very sure. I believe we've done a good thing today. I feel sorry for John McCain who should certainly have been President in 2000. It's passed him by. But then, I think *I* would have made a good president also, and it has certainly passed me by.

Probably Hillary Clinton, too.

Anyway, I truly believe that this is *my* President, even more than JFK was. That history is making up for the loss of Bobby Kennedy, at a time when it matters more than it ever has.

I think that we are standing on the precipice of change unlike we've ever seen. That people will be shaken up. That institutions will fall. And that 'we' will wonder several times whether we've made a huge mistake.

But I also believe that time will bear it out.
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