Taro (mother2012) wrote,

When you think about it, this is exactly what our forefathers fought to prevent.

My grandfather was very prejudiced. He would be certain that we have brought disaster down on our heads. He would, in fact, be certain that we have brought about the downfall of the white race.

His wife and daughter would be nodding their heads, however, with satisfaction. That injustices, iniquities, and ideals have been brought into line. The 'the great melting pot' can go forward in its march toward greater and greater freedom and equality for all.

And, eventually, for the LGBTs. And even the poor.

It *is* in fact, what our forefathers set up to allow for. They had no idea where it would go. Your own prejudices are unclear to yourself; your own lack of judgment, your own errors of perception seem straightforward and correct to you - or you would change them. But they knew they had themselves been ill treated and wanted to prevent that 'for themselves and their posterity'. And indeed, their posterity is taking that to heart, now, hundreds of years later.

Oh, and my icon? I really think, I really believe, that the White House is about to be taken over by the same dynamic force that drives Bujold's fictional Miles Vorkosigan. I believe that he will have the drive, the intelligence, the multi-tasking ability, and the (guarded) forbearance of those in power to create magic, to turn things around, to pull answers out of the magic hat. And I think it will happen faster than even he can predict.
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