Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Another beautiful, mild, perfect-weather day.

Indian Summer, I think.

I go through this every year. If there is any one season that I like above all others, it's Indian Summer. Because it's the last gasp. The last chance to enjoy the sun (goodness knows I didn't enjoy it all summer - I was too busy being too hot), the last chance to clean up the yard, the last chance to do any outside weatherizations (such as plasic on the porch), and the last chance to put up any Christmas decorations.

So every year I ask myself, "Is this it? Is this the end of the good weather? Or is this just another mild day of Fall, and Indian Summer is yet to happen?"

There are specific rules for whether or not it's Indian Summer:

1) It's in November.

You get a lot of talk in October, most years. If it's been cold early in October, people start guessing that maybe it's Indian Summer late in that month.

Never. Even though global warming is certainly affecting things, Indian Summer is still in November. Like ... now.

2) It can last only a day, but usually is about a week.

Let's see. When did it turn? Sometime last week, I was wearing gloves when I drove Hubby to work. When did that become ridiculous? Was it cold last week Friday? I'm not sure. My memory is so horrible ... Ah yes! Saturday was brilliant - that's when we put in the new window, and the weather was marvelous! In fact, I know now that it was gorgeous on Friday, because I was thinking that I hoped it would hold for Saturday and doing the window.

So it's been a week. Can't last much longer. Fortunately, I got done yesterday most of what really matters - replacing the worn tarp over the lumber and stuff I have stored against the house in the back. The net is down off the peach tree, things from the yard have been packed into the garage - I just haven't gotten the porch storm-proof. I fear for that. I have so much stuff stored there that I can't afford to have it fill up with snow, but I know that putting on more plastic will last only half the winter, since it has blown out in late January for each of the last two years. I found two used windows that would fit and installed them, but that only takes care of one end.

3) It's after the first snow that actually stays on the ground at least 15 hours.

A light dusting of snow that melts off the same day doesn't count. It has to be *cold*, enough that the ground is cold enough to not melt the snow.

There hasn't been any snow this year. None at all. Not here.

But yeah, global warming ... It *has* been downright cold, and the ground *is* frozen. Well, a little. Anyhow, I'm not taking any chances with my hopes and expectations. If we get a little snow next week and then Real Indian Summer, I'm not going to complain. But I don't expect it. I think this is it.
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