Taro (mother2012) wrote,

So after all, I'm still not here much.

Son has been here one week, leaving this Sunday morning. We've done something with his kids every evening but one, worked on Mary's new kitchen nearly six hours a day nearly every day. Hmm, no. Every day.

Yesterday, after buying more lumber, we managed to get Mary's computer back online (after an hour's futile conversation with tech support, Mary 'told her angels' that she needed it, clicked a few places without even remembering where, and then it worked), and got her tenant's shower working (installed a different faucet which switches from tub to shower water, found parts for the shower line, repaired the faucet), and finally got home about 3:00 to discover that Granddaughter had thought we were picking her up from school. Nearly 2 hours later, we were finally home again, and decided to give up on accomplishing anything here in favor of game playing.

So today, we will do only Daughter's stuff - drywall in her 'office' space, putting a levelling subflooring in her kitchen - but I feel like I was beaten up with a baseball bat. My muscles are so sore - without any reason I can think of - that I think it must be some kind of virus. Hubby says that's how he feels, but I don't think he'd have carried two sheets of drywall and three sheets of luan up the stairs - all at once (with Son's help) - if his muscles felt like mine do.

I got home now from taking Hubby to work to find that a shower pipe had broken loose and there is water all over bathroom floor and all through boxes in the room underneath - cloth and Christmas presents, mostly. Fun.

I have no money, no strength, no time.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to take Grandkids to a movie - Twilight - after they get out of school. That would be around 4:00. At 6:30, I have to have the car available for Hubby. I don't even know yet what times the movie is on. I have no idea how I'm going to pull this one off. Not to mention that sometime after the movie, I have to get Arielle home again before getting car to Hubby.

Saturday, Son wants to go visit two of my brothers. I haven't yet been able to reach them by phone. He also wanted to see my sister, but she's in Missouri helping out her pregnant daughter-in-law.

Nevertheless, it has been good to see Roy and his kids. It's not that my life is bad - it isn't. I'm just exhausted.
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