Taro (mother2012) wrote,

The only thing I really succeeded in doing yesterday was aching. I *did* put up one of Mary's closet rods, which was not easy since it was going on a slanted ceiling/wall.

Otherwise; wipeout.

Today, however, after dousing us both with pain reliever and caffiene, we did Rae's kitchen floor. This means:

1) Cut a piece of luan to fit (luan is *very* thin lumber sheets, cheap at $12 each - I needed 3).

2) Make sure it fits.

3) Mix up some cement to fill in the uneven places on the floor. The many, many, many uneven places on the floor.

4) Pour and level the cement.

5) Lay the sheet of luan and screw it down.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Don't forget the second task though;

1) Pull out the stove.

2) Turn off the gas to the house.

3) Take the gas line off the stove.

4) Move the stove over onto the piece that's done.

THEN return to the beginning for each of the other two pieces. (Well, 2 plus one small one.)

Took us 6 hours.

Then try to get the furnace restarted. I couldn't get the front off, so had to wait for Dale. No heat for 6 or 7 hours. It's still cold.

Then took Roy plus Kids to see Violent (pick up each kid, leave off at theatre) and rushed downtown to pick up Hubby. At home get dinner started, fix broken plumbing, get furnace started.

Now Daughter has friends here for games. They may still be here when #1 Son brings #2 Son plus Grandson home. (Hubby has taken car to Honorable Brother to play chess for the evening.)

Later, we will play Diplomacy. YAY!! My favorite game. We will go to bed about 4:00 am, then get up at 10:00 to put up drywall.
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