Taro (mother2012) wrote,

It's really discouraging. I have actually been making some progress on the house, partly because other people have left me alone for a week and partly because my energy level has improved.

Then on Wednesday, Karen's van broke down. Since it's in my name, this is my problem. On top of every thing else, there is no one else to take her to work. Christina offered to do it most days, but her car failed inspection and she isn't going to get it fixed - $600. Ann would have done it, but her mechanic told her the engine is going and not to go any farther than what she wants to walk back.

So it's me. As usual.

On top of that:

The transmission simply stopped working on the way to work. They were able to back it up the 4 blocks back home.

They found two men to push it into the driveway.

Since the driveway is steep, they couldn't push it up far enough to clear the sidewalk.

Apparently, two hours later, Parking Enforcement ticketed it for being across the sidewalk. No one ever saw the ticket.

A few hours after that, the police had it towed away. They told the towing company it was an abandoned vehicle. With a valid license plate!

Oh, and Shirley had left her wallet in it.

So on Thursday:

I took Karen to work.

I took Shirley to the yard to get her wallet. She couldn't do that without me, because it is 'my' van.

Then we went to her latest mechanic and asked permission to have it towed there. Even though they won't to be able to raise the money even for parts for another week.

We then went downtown to pay the towing and storage fees of $140. Whereupon we were informed of the $50 owed for the parking ticket.

I fought the ticket. We were fortunate in being able to get in right away.

Amazing! The arbitrator threw out the charge! *victory dance*

We went back to the yard and showed the receipt. We called *his* towing service, since I haven't been able to renew my AAA. This, fortunately, was only $40.

We waited, tow truck hauled van away to mechanic, I took Shirley home.

I took van key to mechanic.

I got home at 2:30 pm. I had been at this since 8:00 am. At 4:30, I picked up Karen from work and took her home.

Then I went to Ann's to see whether she could do some of the driving, and found out about the other cars.

The whole day. Except for the few minutes between events which I spent reading my book. Probably a total of a half hour.

Some days you just want to give up, you know? But then there's Karen's perspective - she has sunk more than $4000 into this van which was supposed to be a really good deal.

If 'the government' would just get on the stick and do what *they* are supposed to - Karen was supposed to be able to retire due to disabillity A YEAR AGO!
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