Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Cards! Somebody loves me!

Cards I've gotten since I last mentioned it:

A starry, velvetty sky from perianella, kitten and puppy displaying Peace on Earth from yeuxdebleu, 'Lijah under a snowy Christmas tree from bellewood, a wintry outdoor garden from not_alone, warm thoughts from ink_gypsy, cuddling Frodo and Sam from melyanna_65, lots of treats delivered by a polar bear cub from julchen11, and adventure in the Pines from lbilover.

Prim, yours never came. :( But it truly is the thought that counts, so I count it as being there all the same. :)

I also have an unknown. Probably it isn't from an LJ friend, but I don't have any idea who it is, so if it's yours, please claim it. It comes from here in Buffalo and the signiture looks like it might say 'Bryan'. It could remotely be from Bridget (whose address I've lost), but I don't think so.

Edit: OMG annwyn55, that must have cost a fortune! I love it!
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