Taro (mother2012) wrote,

*hugs flist*

We'll be all right. Probably. We will be able to pay what we have to. But if the wrong people find out, Hubby could lose his job.

There were some cards that came after Christmas which I have not been previously able to appreciate:

A clean slate for the new year from hiwytozion, Pooh and Co. from valarltd, spangly snow with verse from summershobbit (My grandmother personally knew Helen Steiner Rice!), and the promise of good things in 2009 from saura_.

And special thanks to melyanna_65, lbilover, and verangel. The bear(hug)s are very much appreciated!

I do not know everyone's 'real' name. Even if it seems obvious to you that your flist ought to know, I probably don't. And Kristina, I'm afraid that goes for you. Your lovely silver and green Christmas balls are pretty and joyful, but I don't know which of my friends to credit!
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