Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I don't post half of what goes on around here. Just a touch of current news:

1) Can't get my car inspected. The window has had a problem with rolling up for months, and I've been trying to raise the money to get it fixed, but the car is so old that I can't get a used part. Estimated cost: $400. Also needs tires. I'll get the tires. Maybe. So right now, there is no inspection sticker on the window at all.

2) I'm using my crutch and have been for over a week. Between the problem with the floor glue from putting down kitchen tiles, a bit of Christmas sugar, and having to walk all over downtown last week, I've really damaged by hip replacement stability. I have to stay off the leg completely. Good luck with that.

3) Son attempted suicide yesterday. I won't go into any details, but I'm borrowing enough money to bring him home. This has consequences that I'm not going to try to document. There is huge risk either way, but I can't sit here helpless, a thousand mile away, knowing what he has done and unable to help.

I really miss reading and commenting to you all. I'm just too 'full' of other concerns right now. I realize that goes for others among you as well.

Turning off comments again. I *know* you all have sympathy. You are all very kind and loving people.
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