Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Welcome to Blithering Idiots Day!

No, no, not the presidents. Even Bush wasn't quite *this* loopy.

I got up on time this morning. Made Hubby's lunch, then his breakfast. He likes his egg barely cooked with toast to dip in it. The first egg to hit the frying pan was a double-yolker and, as frequently happens, one of the yolks burst. No biggie - the other yolk would be sufficient. I fixed the toast, and scooped up the egg to put on the plate. The other yolk broke.

So I made him another egg. This one had an unusually strong membrane with a very brittle shell, and the shell shattered all over, breaking this yolk also. He got scrambled eggs.

Okay, no tragedy, right?

Next task, pick up K. K works in the same office with Hubby and her van is out of commission again. This is not unusual. I think I take her to work more often than not. I have 15 minutes to get her and 15 to get back to get Husband. Except that I left a little late. I now have 20 minutes for the round trip instead of 30. Not unusual. I should make it okay anyhow, because there's 12 minutes leeway built into that schedule.

So I head out in a hurry, thinking about all the other things I have to do today: Pay K's furniture storage fee, check up on the progress of her van, explore whether so-and-so wants to tackle the electrical problems with my car, pay some bills which requires getting them set up on this (Dale's brand-new) computer. Suddenly I realize that I am nearly downtown - as though taking them to work! Total opposite direction of picking up K!

So I rush back, calling Hubby on the way. Is he ready? Can he go now, and we'll pick up K and go downtown the short way? Yes, he is. I call K.

Now K lives with S and her son Carlos, my 'handyman'. He's 20 and a bit retarded. Mostly he lives on SSI. Carlos answers the phone. I tell him, "K is sitting out in the (cold) stairwell waiting for me. Go tell her that I will be another 10 to 15 mintues." He says, "I should tell K to go outside now?"

NO! Go tell her I'll be another 10 to 15 minutes!!!!!

Within a minute I get a call-back. It's S. "So what are we doing today?" What? Why is she asking me this now? "Carlos said you want me out front in 15 minutes."

NO! Karen is sitting on the front steps. Please tell her I'll be another 10 to 15 minutes!

Hubby gets in car, we start out toward K's. Phone rings again, and I have him answer it. S again. She says K says no work today - it's a holiday.


Let's see. That's me (mostly), Dale (a lot), Carlos (worse than normal) and S (a little bit) all being totally clueless today.

I think today would not be a good day to - go sky diving, for instance. Or climb on ladders. Or anything.
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