Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Life as Usual

This morning I went to the bank. K got a large check which she insisted I deposit in my account (because she doesn't have one) and because I will be paying her bills with it. But my bank won't take it without her ID.

Just got back from Mary's bank, to attempt to deposit her disability check (which, yes, still comes to my address), but they couldn't do that without her account number, which I didn't have, and had forgotten my cell phone so I couldn't call her and ask for it.

In between, I went outside to pull the tarp back down from where it had blown up onto the roof, and while I was out there brought in a 2x3 foot board I need. In the rain.

I also took apart two outlets in an attempt to figure out why they stopped working. I already have the ceiling light apart for that reason. I have assembled the two step ladders, the board, and a sturdy toolchest to climb on, so that I can reach said ceiling lamp. Our ceilings are 11 feet high.

While I was out, I got some groceries. And none of their electric carts work.

I'm doing all of this on crutches, you understand. Since falling three weeks ago, I haven't been able to get around without them. My right leg is finally healed and strong, but my left hip just keeps getting worse.

In better news: Yesterday

I got my hair cut, washed the car, bought three new blouses and a pair of pants, went to see Slumdog Millionaire (which was great) with Hubby, and went to a writer's meeting with Daughter, which was also great. Looks like it's going to actually be a good and useful group.

And Last Week:

Built new shelving units (kits) for laundry - drawers and cupboards
Moved useless chest from bedroom to laundry where it will be useful
Purchased wire shelving units for clothes closet
Took apart said ceiling light and made wiring diagram

I have not:

Finished the mini library shelves in the living room
Put away the Christmas decorations
Made much-needed doctor's appointment
Finished floor of Daughter's kitchen
Finished new shelving in laundry
Really cleaned up the kitchen
Organizied clothes
Or fixed dinner
Tags: fall, house, house shelves, k, mary
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