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The way it's been ...

It's been a really bad week here.

My left hip had gotten so bad that it hurt all the time, even while sleeping. Daughter did a physical reading and said I needed to stay off it completely, so I've been using two crutches for a couple weeks. This means that I can't carry anything. At all. On the up side, it really doesn't hurt so much.

On Tuesday, I woke up with bursitis in my left shoulder. For two days, I couldn't lift my arm nor barely even move it. I took a lot of nsaids, and on Thursday the bursitis was gone, leaving me with a cramp in the neck. In spite of being worked on four times by three people, it's still bad. Less bad, though, than yesterday, when I was in agony all day.

Sunday, though, was the worst.

Daughter has been planning on breaking up with boyfriend, C, after two years. He has become less and less interested in their relationship and putting more and more emphasis on just sex. On top of that, he's become angry all the time, to the point that she was getting to be afraid of him. I had told her not to do it during the holidays, and then she decided to wait until his work picked up so that he had an income again.

And Sunday was the day. He didn't come home Saturday night and didn't bother calling. So she packed up all his stuff and put it in the car. When he finally did call, about 2:00 pm, she told him she'd meet him at F's (who he was supposed to be with, and who lives next door to where he works), and we brought his stuff there. F wasn't there though, so C said he'd tell us where to bring his stuff.

He called an hour later and asked Daughter if she would come outside and talk with him. Of course she agreed. She still loves him, even though she knows he can't ever become the husband and father she's looking for. But when she opened the door for him, he manhandled her aside and dashed upstairs, swiped her laptop, and left. That's the short version, leaving out a lot of the assult.

This is a huge deal around here. He gave her that laptop a year ago, and obviously feels he has a right to it. It has all her work on it: all her drawings and writing. Irreplacible stuff. Besides that, she feels betrayed. He chose to steal that laptop rather than keep her friendship.

So there has been a lot of sadness and depression around here all week. Over what he did, over the gaping hole in her love life, over worrying about him and whether his personality will go into a tailspin (as it did when the last girl broke up with him).

On top of all *that*, I'm trying to help sister Mary learn to write at a master's degree level for the online schooling she's doing (and beta'ing 5 papers a week), and Daughter and I have joined a writer's group that met last night and the previous Thursday. Normally it will be every two weeks, but there was a problem with next week. And last night it met in our game room, which meant a lot of preparation and cleaning.

On the up side of that, it appears like it's going to be a really effective group.

Edit 3/7: Daughter has recovered her work to a new computer that we borrowed enough money to get. and is beginning to feel better. I'm afraid she's rebounding to someone else, however.

I think the writer's group will be good for both of us.
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