Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Sons and Daughters

Son is home. The 38 yo who does arm wrestling. There was simply no work in Texas. He was doing all right until the economy collapsed, but he does moving, and no one is moving.

So he lost the last job, the month ended and rent needed to be paid, he was totally without money, and he lost his girlfriend, all in the same week. So I said, come home, I need help around here.

It's a little crowded.

I couldn't let him move into Mary's apartment, since Daughter has already taken it over. We cleaned much out of the 8 x 8 sewing room, and stuffed him in there. Along with his small refrigerator, his 42" flat screen TV, his computer, and his gigundous wardrobe.

And set up the sewing table in the living room. Where I had just moved it out of. Ah well. Now I need to do some sewing. Among other things.
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