Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Surgery - Tuesday. Pre - op testing all completed.

House - not making the grade. Needed to do work on the back room. Long-term goal - a cross between a porch and a sun room, with a jacuzzi and a huge window on the back yard. Short-term goal - a downstairs bathroom so that I'm not confined to the upstairs during recovery. Medium-term goal - bedroom suite for Son. Today, we've made strides at fixing the floor, but this means that the toilet is presently not connected. Getting hairy.

Son - girlfriend has not appeared or phoned. Is she sitting at Buffalo Airport waiting for us? No clue.

Nursing home rehab - I was absolutely supposed to go there today to set up for coming in next week. Forgot while laying floor.

Me laying floor, and Son doing 'pushups'.

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