Taro (mother2012) wrote,


I'm finally home. Well, not really later than expected. Seems like a very long time.

Everything went very well, except that I had the same fainting problem that I had four years ago. Turns out that it's probably the fault of the Dilaudid. It doesn't relieve my pain at all, but it *does* make me sleepy. So, since I was still in plenty of pain and sleeping was desirable, I was using a lot of it. I now know to refuse it should there be another time.

I'm not significantly worse off than when I left last week. I'm using two crutches, but can manage with one. I just can't reach the floor at all. And sitting *does* get to me after a while. I'll be getting to bed shortly.

wbearsmom, I see all went as planned for you. How are you doing? (Hubby won't be waiting on *me*! Fortunately I have kids. Both of whom suddenly started jobs yesterday.)
Tags: hip, son
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