Taro (mother2012) wrote,

So I'm back from MediaWest. I had a really good time.

I would recommend this con to anyone who can get there. The entire hotel is bought out; lazer battles rage in the hallways; residents compete for the best door decoration; all of Lansing vies for our business.

There are panels on nearly any show you can think of; Firefly, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, Harry Potter to name a very few of them. And panels on writing: Holy Mother Grammatica which is both fun and serious, and a yearly 'course' taught by a college professor, which I attended this year. It was the only one I did, since getting to the others which might have interested me meant walking to the other side of the hotel.

Some of the art is incredible. Jesse's Harry Potter study sold at auction for $300, but there is plenty of cheaper - and fairly good - stuff. I spend most of my time in the art room, since that pays my hotel bill. I can enter the records in the computer without having to move around much, or lift things.

The Masquerade doesn't amount to much anymore, unfortunately, but it's always done with humor and well worth attending.

The worst part was on arriving home, which I did *not* expect! Karen was afraid that battles were brewing at home for her, and she was right. Her roommate's son recently acquired a girlfriend and baby, and apparently there was all-out war among them while Karen wasn't there to mediate. One of *my* friends listened to the gossip of another and is sulking, while Son and Daughter got into it and aren't talking.

The car insurance got overlooked and cancelled yesterday. I had to make a 30-mile trip this morning to take them a payment. And my insurance thinks they aren't paying my primary-care doctor, or the wheel-chair van for taking me from the hospital to the nursing home.

*sigh* Home, sweet home.
Tags: karen, mw
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