Taro (mother2012) wrote,

It's been so long since I posted ... I've been reading quite a bit, as you will know if I commented, but I haven't even been commenting much.

I've kind of lost interest in fandom. NOT in my favorite writers (you know who you are), but I just have somehow regained interest in the rest of my life. So I haven't been paying much attention to any fandom posts. But I've made some friends here, who I really don't want to neglect. (And there are times when you good people have been what makes it all worthwhile.)

Anyhow, I'm almost walking again. I can hobble quite few steps without my crutch, though I don't often try to. I'm beginning to feel a little less helpless.

Besides working seriously on a book and joining a writer's group, I finally put up that piece of shelf that got neglected:

I started a meetup group for hours-long-playing boardgames, like Risk and StarCraft:

And I've gotten back into my eggury:

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