Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Son on the job

Son just told me about an experience while working yesterday.

He's working for a moving company. He used to own his own company, back when he had a wife and a house ... etc, so he knows moving really well. It frustrates him to be paid so little now, for his ability and experience, but he still puts his all into it, because he loves the challenge.

Yesterday, they were unloading the truck they had loaded the day before. It goes like this: The driver, who gets paid more than the movers, basically stays with the truck, putting the blankets away, making sure it's in shape, although he helps out when necessary.

Besides son, there were three other workers, all of whom were in the house, moving stuff from the front hall to whatever room it belonged in. Son, by himself, loaded things onto the dolly, got the dolly down from the truck, took the stuff to the garage or to the house -whichever - and pulled it up the steps into the house. Keeping up with all three of the others.

One of them, whom he hadn't worked with before, came up to him late in the day and said, "I thought you were a myth! I didn't think *anyone* could unload like you do!"
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