Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Father's Day

Daughter took her father to the amusement park, grandkids took Son to a movie.


I get the day to myself! I win!

I've been poking around through stuff:

Found some intersting egg stuff, and put up some (really) cheap shelves:

I thought I'd show you a little eggury:

I've cut this egg into four pieces, the base and three petals. It will be hinged, and open like a flower:

Here is an ostrich egg which I will cut with four petals. It will contain an LotR theme, and the circle you see drawn on it will be the green door of Bag End. Presumably it will also open. The small egg lying on it's side beside it will be a vase. The top of the vase I have added in to the lower left corner.

Then Son and Grandchildren came home and we played Risk for a couple hours.
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