Taro (mother2012) wrote,

So. Hi. Long time no see.

Son has been very unhappy about very small temporary room. Room designated as craft room was logical, but Daughter very unwilling to give it up. I figured one of them would eventually find a solution, or a turn of thought, or something.

Son finally complained loudly enough that I put my foot down. So we took everything (just newly set up and spread over the shelves) out of the craft room and moved Son's stuff in. And jammed all the crafts into former craft room. So neither room is yet fully functional.

So no crafts; eggshells or what-have-you.

Forced Son and grandchildren to work in the yard today, since there wasn't any moving work. We moved junk lumber, spread dirt, and built a cinder-block grill for cookout on Saturday. Which may or may not come off.

Busy. Too busy.
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