Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I have been so busy that now, finding myself with an hour, I'm not sure what to do with it.

I *think* I mentioned that Son is trying to restart his A Smooth Move business. He's *very* good at it, and needs to make this work. So I've signed him up for an online lead place, move.com, where people apply to have movers contact them. This is fine, but every time a lead comes in, I have to hop on it; send them a letter and follow up with a phone call. After two weeks and a dozen leads, I've only landed two small jobs. But that's better than nothing. I know that once he's done some, word-of-mouth will probably take care of it.

But when we *do* have a job, I have to estimate the time the move will take and the size truck it will require, find he nearest U-Haul to the job and reserve a truck, get a down payment from the customer, make a mapquest route to the U-Haul place and the two houses or apartments, have the paperwork in order ... and then after the job I have to allocate the money. And once it becomes full time, I'll have to worry about paying taxes.


I'm beginning to get systems in order, so I can do each task faster. But it's still taking a huge part of my time.

And I'm going to physical therapy three days a week right now. (More about that at http://tarodragon.blogspot.com/) The 'prescription' runs out on August 21, so I'm trying to make the best use of it I can. I was just doing the math, though. My co-pay is $10 per visit, which isn't bad, but $10 x 3 days a week x 4 weeks = $120.00!!!! While I'm trying desperately to save enough for Hubby to take his yearly vacation, and me to go to SFX end of August and ConClave in October, and I want to go to the Writer's Workshop in December, and ... and ... and ...

AND ... I'm taking granddaughter home from summer school every day. So I take Hubby to work by 9:00, make the half hour drive to her school, read in the car (Wars of Gods and Men), take her home from 10:05 to 10:20, stop for groceries for 20 minutes, run over to PT by 11:00, work out for an hour, and get home after noon. THEN spend the next 5 hours on A Smooth Move.

Oh, and pick up Grandson from his GED class at 9:00 on Tues and Thurs to come here so Son can take him to work with him the next day. And then guess who takes him home?

Then I have to watch America's Got Talent, or So You Think You Can Dance with Son, or a movie with Hubby. This is required.

Oh yeah, and two funerals within a week. (Not people I'm close to.)

So the tomatoes are barely getting watered, the lawn is barely getting mowed, no work on the house, clothes are in shambles, can't see the kitchen counter ...

Time to go watch movie. After doing the mapquest for the funeral tomorrow.
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