Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Life goes on ...

I've been helping Mary lay floor tile for two days. MUCH more work than I expected. She's paying Son (a pittance), but I'm doing it for nothing. *sigh* But she had originally let a neighbor do it, for which she gave him - well, a pittance - and what a mess! Nearly every tile was overlapping it's neighbor, and gaps all over. A child could have done better, and I'm not just saying that. We had to cut off all the overlying edges and lay a whole new layer (another $100 for more tiles). After 10 hours (each) working on it, it's beautiful. And she's happy, which is *my* reward.

AND, I've been working on one segment of my Story which I read to the Writers' group last night. They actually applauded! I was so pleased. They said they were really into it, and felt the suspense. As the wonderful group they are though, they didn't leave it at that, offering several great suggestions for improvements.

Also, I had almost no sugar yesterday. It helps to be working too hard to have time for it. :)
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