Taro (mother2012) wrote,

The Truck Saga

Son needs to work. Son needs to make money. Son is horrible about taking orders from a boss. Son has successfully run his own business.

Therefore: Son needs his own business.

After moving season ended in October, we realized the need for Son to be able to do gutter cleaning, something that he has done before when living here. But one needs ladders for this, and therefore a truck to carry the ladders. Also, when one has a truck, one can do other things such as transport lumber and drywall and keep a range of tools in it.

So we contracted with X to procure a truck. X is a single individual dealership who I have bought through twice before, with great satisfaction. Son and X discussed what kind of truck and went to an auction together. X buys most of his vehicles at auction, usually through a 'Greenlight Special' which means that the vehicle is ready to sell - no fixing required. *I* wanted the $1000 van which had ladder racks installed; Son fell in love with a Dodge Ram pickup with a plow on it (at a Greenlight Special). X thought that would be a good deal, and said, "There's no way he can *not* make money with that." I was unduly influenced by that comment. Dodge pickup was $4000. I had no money, of course, but X loaned me $2000 and a friend (to whom I had loaned a great deal of money in the past) loaned me the other $2000.

Unfortunately, the pickup was NOT ready to roll. X took it to his favorite mechanic to check over, and there were problems, but it was too late to return it to auction. Warentee is for 24 hours only. They fixed something to do with the hydraulics on the plow, and did a tuneup. It was still hard to start, and the steering had a lot of play, but we were pushing to get it on the road because gutter-cleaning season was sliding by.

And indeed, by the time it was on the road, gutter season was over. Son *did* get a few jobs, and a couple of handyman jobs off that, and then it snowed. He went out to plow and everything appeared to be going to plan - he made $200 the first day - and then the truck broke down.

To make a long story short, but still get in all facts for my own future reference:
- Temperature gauge went up, but no fluids were low. Didn't appear to be overhot, but not wanting to take any chances, had it towed to X.
- X ran it for hours and couldn't find anything wrong with it, but we have now totally missed that major snowstorm.
- Son used it another two weeks for handyman jobs and putting out flyers and business cards.
- Truck simply stopped on his way home one time, shortly after filling the gas tank ($60).
- Tow truck driver said the gas tank was about to fall off.
- Returned to X
- It's now into Christmas season. X went to Florida for two weeks. Truck was off road for 5 weeks.
- I transferred plates to Son's Ford.
- There was some problem with title, and I turned in the plates, thus saving nearly $100 on vehicle insurance.
- X replaced the whole fuel system. Seems there was dirty gas, probably because the gas tank got shaken up. Fuel pump ($200), injectors ($300), fuel line, and other stuff. I paid only about $250 of this. X swallowed the rest.
- Put truck back on the road Jan 22. On the 27th, there was a snow storm and Son went off to plow.
- Overheated (according to gauge) - friend with me at the time said that sounds like the thermostat. I'd bet she's right. Son tried to bring truck home, and it simply stopped in the middle of an intersection.
- Called AAA. Cop came along. Said half hour wait wasn't good enough, and called a tow service. Son had no money, so driver towed it *here* because here is where there was money.
- Faxed receipt and police order to AAA. AAA said it couldn't read it, I need to bring it to them.
- Somehow misplaced papers. I've spent hours looking, but the whole folder is missing.
- Truck sits in driveway because we are trying to figure out how to get it to X with no money. It appears that it still isn't getting gas.

Oh, am I making payments on truck to X and Friend? No. No money. Both are being understanding. So far.

Fun? Wow!
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