Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Less with the writing ...

Sick, sick, sick. I haven't been this sick in years.

When a dear friend suggested that I not hug her, I said, "Don't worry. I don't catch anything unless I haven't been getting enough sleep."

And Someone reached down, bopped me on the head, and said, "Okay, here, stupid."

And Aseop, don't you dare tell her. She'd feel guilty, and it's no-one's fault but my own.

News from the greater world:

Hubby and Daughter climbed around the Grand Canyon today.

Nephew suddenly and inexplicably got fired from his job. Since it's his company, I find that mind-blowing. I can't wait to see what happens. There's going to be a *huge* legal battle over this, and I sincerely hope it gets resolved before they go through all their savings. They are the nicest, most deserving people with a growing family.

See, Nephew just happens to be President and co-founder of Infinity Ward, the company which produces the wildly popular Call of Duty. Headlines here.

Edited to add:
It's a publicly-held company that has some kind of tie to Activision, who really doesn't like original owners hanging around and wanting to do things *their* way. Once you've sold more than 50% of the shares, you don't really own it anymore. This exhausts my knowledge on the topic.

Also, Elijah's rec of Grapefruit Seed Extract works really well. Normally, I could expect to be in bed for a week with something like this. It's not the magic pill that an antibiotic would be, but I was enough better by Tuesday that I didn't bother going to a doctor to even find out whether it was germ or virus. That was after being so sick on Monday that I barely left my bed. Of course, I also took lots of Vit. C with it. OTOH,
aseop says below that Patient 0 wasn't very sick for very long either.
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