Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Season of Loss

As we watch wildlife, and a way of life, dying in the Gulf of Mexico, on top of the financial burden of our population in general, I notice how many people around me are experiencing their own losses. 

My close friend, M, collapsed two weeks ago.  We still don't know exactly what happened.  Her roommate found her collapsed on her bed, unresponsive and filthy, and called an ambulance.  With functional pneumonia, whether cause or result of the collapse, the hospital has primarily focused on that.  Yesterday, they were finally able to remove the trach tube, so that she can try to get her voice back, but I'm told it will be days before she can actually make any real sound, and weeks before her voice is normal.  Meantime, I am the only person she has to visit her, and I have to take care of her bills.  Thank goodness someone else is feeding her birds.

Another good friend lost her job in January, and her boyfriend last month.  She's actually doing quite well, everything considered.

K's living situation is deteriorating.  She has to have a driver to get her to work, so moving her isn't easy; but her driver/roommate is becoming harder and harder to live with.  She's going Christian-cult.  She can't give up smoking for instance, because God has told her that it isn't time.  And her son's a thief.  So it's up to me to find a better roommate for K.

A has been assured by her lawyers that a settlement of 6 figures will be coming to her anytime now.  They've been saying that for a year.  Meantime, she has an eviction notice.

Sis is gaining a son-in-law in two weeks.  She's pleased with him and delighted for her daughter.  But as she gets older and her arthritis worse, she has depended more and more on her daughter.  I'm not sure how she's going to manage without her.

We're doing all right on the home front (except that I have the same daughter situation - she's moved to CA to be with him), but the strain from trying to help so many friends is telling.

I think probably my biggest loss has been the hours that I used to spend here with you, laughing and crying with you, and enjoying our fandom.  I miss you, but the rest of my life is calling.  Sometimes I come and read (I'm about to go read about libilover's trip with her hobbits), but I don't have the time to keep up with everyone.  I will *not* cut my flist!  It's a tenuous link to good friends that I know are out there.
Tags: family, friends, karen, life, loss, mary, rae, wedding
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