Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Mary is recovering by leaps and bounds. Yesterday, Son and I took her out for lunch. It was an ordeal, but she succeeded. Today I found her tooling around the nursing home in her wheelchair, by herself.

Once she got out of the hospital, where they essentially gave up on her, the nursing home had her on her feet within a day, and beginning to walk within a few days. She's been there now a week and two days.

She may possibly be going home in a week.

Unfortunately, it doesn't relieve me of responsibility yet. I have to arrange for visiting nurses and meals-on-wheels, set up a bed for her downstairs, and check up on her every day. Seems like such a long way to go before I can get my own life back. But it should be better than present.

Right now, I'm going out to see her every day - That's 20 miles and 40 minutes each way. Between that and taking care of her bills and finding things to bring to her, I'm spending about 5 hours a day. That's all of my useful time.

So I'm really hoping that being at home will reduce my time involvement. But I'm not sure whether I'd be doing anything else in this heat anyway.

Have not been reading here in the meantime. I'm not even keeping up with my email.

Yeux's comment below reminds me to mention this:

EVERYONE should have three documents drawn up: Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and Living Will. And multiple people should know where those documents reside. I would have had far less trouble getting things done if Mary had these beforehand.

After a bit of research, I designed and bought them from https://www.legacywriter.com/index.asp. For about $50 you can get all three documents, which you can revise to meet varying needs.
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