Taro (mother2012) wrote,

A very Merry Christmas to all LJ land.
And may 2011 bring to you the fulfillment of your dreams.

Three days ago, we had the winter solstice combined with a full moon eclipse. It's got to mean something, right? I hope it means a turn for the better in our troubled world.

And especial good wishes for those who sent me cards and gifts this Solstice:

saura_, you are a treasure!
Dearest, dearest Bee. Whatever you enclosed, the post office got it, but it truly is the thought that counts.
Judith - blessings gratefully accepted.
Mely, Michelle, Jodi, Mari, denyce: you each make the season a little brighter.

**mumbles** I know there were two more cards. Where *did* I put them?
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