Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I should have learned it decades ago, but my mantra then was; "Most people are good."

I'm not so sure of that anymore. What I *am* sure of is that most people are not kind. While they may not do anything 'wrong', they will get away with what they can. And I'm tired of them.

I have realized that because I am kind, people are attracted to me who are users. They are my friend so long as I am giving them what they want/need, and have no interest in reciprocating. That I can, and have, put up with. But when these same people take their full 'pound of flesh' instead of being kind, there is no longer an excuse for them.

I'm done.

It doesn't apply to anyone who reads here, but there are several former 'friends' who are going to wonder what happened.
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