Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Never a Dull Moment

Life remains - interesting - around here.

It goes like this. I have a severely handicapped friend, K, who lost her house several years ago and as a result ended up owing me a fair amount of money. Then, just before I wanted to buy a car two years ago, she discovered money that was set aside for her. She loaned me the money for the car. So I ended up owing *her*. She how neatly that works?

She isn't really interested in the money I owe her. What she wants is for me to continue to get her to the two conventions she needs to go to each year. This has worked fine.

But in spite of her handicap (deteriorating spine, for which she can't get Social Security Disability) she still has to work. Since she can't walk a couple steps without her cane, and not more than 20 or 30 steps with it, she can't exactly bus. I thought I was doing two people a favor when I suggested that she live with an acquaintance, S, who isn't too bright but has a driver's license. There have been some rocky issues, but for the most part, it has worked.

For a lot of reasons, K's van has been on my insurance, which means that S is on my insurance as the driver. It's been this way for four years. I was about to have S go get her own insurance, since she now has a driving record.

She blew it. She pulled out into traffic this morning without looking properly. Ran right into a pickup truck. Totaled the van. This is not going to look good on my insurance.

*sigh* And now I have to get K back and forth to work until the van can be replaced. And since I owe her, it's kinda my responsibility to find a way to finance that.

I really wish I knew what the Universe was trying to tell me.
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