Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Here we go again.

The candida has taken over again.
I've just received $140 worth of candida-fighting supplements, and now I will make a big push to get rid of it. Again.

Why do I have so much trouble with candida? Why can't I get rid of it once and for all? It all comes down to ..

First Cause:

Antibiotics kill off your acidophilus and other probiotics, leaving the candida to overgrow and mutate from candida albicons into candidiasis.

Other possible causes can include: oral acne medications, birth control pills or corti-steroids (i.e. Prednisone)

Since I am unusually susceptible to strep infections (rheumatic fever as a child), I frequently need antibiotic to deal with that. Even worse, since I have hip replacement implants, dentists won't work on my teeth without premedication with antibiotic. So every time I go to the dentist causes high risk of yeast infection.

How could it be avoided? Well, I could abstain from all sweet foods (including fruit) during the entire course of antibiotic treatment, and then take high doses of probiotics. So for my much-delayed New Year's Resolution, I will do that in the future. (In a pig's eye. I know the chances of following through on that hover around 5%.)

But today, I begin the cleanse. No sweet for two weeks. Can I do it? We'll see.
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