Taro (mother2012) wrote,

So for day one, I managed two doses of Candex overnight, two of 5-lac, one morning and one night, one acidophilus, and two l-glutamine.

I was pretty good with the food intake - spinach, chicken livers and cheese for the most part. I ingested about 100 'illegal' calories around 5:00 - a bite of chocolate and a couple of yogurt; then a small helping of raisin bran at 8:00. Spaghetti for supper was really unsatisfying, so I had some chicken.

About 2:00, I took caffeine with aspirin and vit.C. Most of my regular supplements didn't happen - just too much to do, so I haven't set up all the pills in doses.

Fairly active all day, but aching all over. Came close to needing crutch in the afternoon, but actually used it only for a few minutes.
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