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Candidiasis can be detected by a simple saliva test.

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Those 'strings' root themselves into the walls of the intestine, eventually working all the way through, causing liquids, nutrients, and toxins to pass through into the blood stream without proper processing. This is known as 'leaky gut'.

Second cause:
Leaky Gut

Most girls first run into candida albicans as a vaginal yeast infection. There are some over-the-counter treatments for this, which do work on an infection which is not entrenched. For those of us who have had repeated encounters with antibiotics, this approach seldom helps much. A gynecologist can be persuaded to prescribe Diflucan (fluconazole), which will - over three or four days - get rid of it. Whether it is of any benefit at all to a systemic infection is the subject of present research.

For most of us, some other method is required. The traditional, safe, healthiest way to do this is to simply eat no sweet. No sugar, no splenda, no aspartame, no honey, maple syrup, fructose ... No fruit (except avacado), no carrots, beets or corn - no sweet, no sweet, no sweet. Except stevia. That actually does not feed the yeast. After 4 to 6 months, you'll probably starve it out.

Not happening.

Enter Candex.

First cure:
Works by:
Killing the yeast

Candex is the candida killer. It dissolves their cell walls. However, it will just as eagerly dissolve any other protein, so you have to isolate it from all other food. I take it overnight. I buy it here: http://stopyeast-store.com/allproducts.aspx

StopYeast.com is devoted to helping people get rid of yeast infection. And no, they don't pay me to say so. But they are genuinely helpful, and if you get well enough to never need their products again, that's fine by them.
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