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I have figured out that my 'hip' pain comes from improperly digested food. This closely follows ingesting sweets, anywhere from 15 minutes to two days later. Even though I no longer have actual, bone hips, I get the arthritic pain that I always had. I even wonder, now, whether it was ever really bone deterioration. It always felt like muscle pain to me, but the doctors insisted that was the result of the arthritis.

It is what it is.

But what I have to do is heal up my 'leaky gut', and digest normally.

Third Cause:
Whole body out of whack

This is one of the best I've ever read, for a (relatively) short article, on the connections of Candida, pancreas, sugar, digestion, etc.

I have to get a system going here. It's been three days now, and I'm still not really on a good schedule.
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