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I hope I'm not back at square one. On Monday I ate a chocolate cookie with nuts and chocolate chunks. It was delicious. Inevitably then, I ended up eating two more over the course of the day. I've had one a day since then, and difficulty keeping it to only that.

And no symptoms are yet improved. I'm still coughing and constipated. I still have cotton mouth and sand in my eyes in the morning. I'm getting around okay, but limping more than I should be. Worst, last night I developed a pain in my elbow. It could be just from the work I did yesterday, but I don't recall ever having anything like it, and it worries me. It hurts when I bend it, whether or not there is any weight on it. But it isn't debilitating.

Yesterday I cleaned in the crawl space under the back room. Hubby had gone under there 25 years ago and insulated the floor, putting up tar paper under the insulation to improve it's effectiveness. It's now in bad condition, hanging down all over. Looks like Hollywood's interpretation of a decades-long abandoned room. SIL and I spent over two hours crawling in there tearing it down. We need bare beams to install new plumbing. That room will become a bathroom/laundry. That's what it was when we moved in, so the drains are there, and some water intake, but that leaks and has to be replaced. Outside that room, in the carport, we're going to put the magnificent old sink that is now in Daughter's apartment, but too big for their plans. So lots of plumbing needed in that crawl space.

Afterward, I let him have the shower while I did some gardening. I'm going to have about 2 dozen corn plants (if they don't all die). I had germinated twelve of them in the AeroGarden, and planted 8 before the rain, but 6 of them have died. Just too much shock in spite of how warm it's been. So I now have two AeroGardens outside, under a tarp, to hopefully harden off the plants before removing them. There are also squash, beans, etc, and the doubly-useful marigolds.

The peas that I planted in the GrowBoxes earlier are doing well - those that survived. It must have been the squirrels - something ate more than half of the pea seeds before they sprouted. The rest of them are 2 to 6 inches tall, and I need to get something installed for them to climb on.

So anyhow, I worked hard yesterday, and that may be all that's wrong with my elbow. Considering the calories I burned, my body should be working properly, but it isn't. The leg rebelled during the evening, requiring the crutch.

I need an all-raw day, and just can't seem to work up to it.
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