Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Looking back meme

The Looking Back meme, from dragonlady7.

20 years ago I ...
Met my husband - at a bar. I don't drink and he seldom does, but where else are you going to meet someone in Olean?

15 years ago I ...
Had a daughter. Well, almost 16 years. New lease on life. Best thing I ever did. Etc.

10 years ago I ...
Went prematurely into menopause, due to some unknown condition - probably a heavy metal poisoning. Life plummetted from there. Thinning hair, brittle nails, constant tiredness, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems. And of course, hot flashes.

5 years ago I ...
At least had a job. Technical support, which asked very little of me, but had internet access. I hated leaving that job.

Last year I ...
Worked for H&R Block, after 3 months of training. I was coming out of a year of mental incapacity and was very pleased to find that I could think again, enough to do taxes.

So far this year I ...
Am not going to make it with Block this year. After a wonderful January and February in which I not only did taxes, but went to Lincoln Center, Mardi Gras and TORn, I came home to a burned out house. After nine months, we still aren't back in it, and it has taken all my time and energy. Thinking is again very difficult.

Yesterday I ...
Took Raederle to the doctor. And painted cupboards.

Today I ...
Took Raederle to the doctor. And bought more drywall materials.

Tomorrow I ...
Intend to do drywall and lay parquet floor tiles.
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