Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Okay, so this is what I've been up to:

This is a view of the project that has taken most of the last three summers I call it the 'carport', since I did in fact design it to be able to hold a car. But that is secondary. The thing is that I could build a 'temporary' carport, whereas I can't build a permanent room on the house.

The carport is entirely covered with brown tarp and heavy clear plastic. Going through the 'garage door', the whole right side lets in sunlight. It was quite warm in there today. Yesterday, I put up this wire shelf, designed for closets, but which I can put dripping plant pots on. I will soon be putting my trays of seedlings out there.

Here are some of the seedlings:

The first picture is corn. They are about 4 to 5 inches tall, and they are the first (and tallest) of six trays.

Here's the broccoli:

And the 35 tomato plants I share with my daughter:

Outside I have peas, which are getting quite tall. They don't look it, but they are 8 to 10 inches:

And spinach and carrots are showing in these Grow Boxes:

Here are the strawberries. They used to be in a different planter, but I had to move them. This is what survived the winter:

Son and I are working on a huge version of a GrowBox. We could use only a small portion of it last year, because I simply ran out of resources (time, money, seedlings), and we thought that the rubber lining had a leak. So today we pulled it apart to check on it:

The rubber (pond) lining is one cement block deep. Over that is rebar, which you can see through the screen, then the screen and then black yard cloth, normally used to discourage weeds. The cement block you can see in the water is to hold the 'wick'. After lining it with block cloth, it's filled with good soil to wick the water up from the 'pond' and keep the soil constantly moist without drowning it.

Over in the corner, between the godawful red fence and the almost-worse neighbor's blue tarp, is the corn bed. It will have a lot more soil this year. With more than 100 corn seedlings to plant there, it will need it.

And this view shows the all the stuff arranged in the yard, seen from the driveway. I'll be doing a lot more this year, if I can.

Oh, the tall lattice with two planters is for string beans.

But all off that is secondary to the 'driveway project'.

The abandoned house next door was taken down a few years ago, and I took over the lot. It goes like this, in Buffalo (whether anywhere else, I don't know) the house which has a driveway on the new lot gets first dibs on buying it. The neighbor on the other side expressed an interest, but he knew that I would buy it if he tried to. All he wants really is to be able to park there. So I let him park there. Also, Son's car and SIL's car need places to be.

And they all fit across the road-end of the lot. But it gets muddy. Really, really muddy. So I want to cover that end with gravel. Well, I'd *like* to cover it with concrete, but that's another story for another year. But if you look at the angle Son's car is sitting at in the picture, you can see that the lot is rather slanted. If I put gravel there, it's just going to slide off, down into the driveway. Not to mention that it needs a definitive boundary between the gravel and the yard. So Son and I have spent several days digging a trench for cement blocks to constrain the gravel.

Tomorrow we intend to rent a rototiller to dig up the whole thing so that we can level it.

Well, that's it. All I can get pictures of. Other important need-to-be-done-right-now projects include redoing all the gas pipes in the cellar (which I started months ago and need to get back to), and wiring up the carport with overhead lights and outlets.
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