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Get Serious

Posted today to Food Lovers (diet program I'm trying).

So I had a really scary angina attack. I've never before had one that painful. My entire chest and left arm hurt, especially in the heart area. I've had a few attacks recently, though not this bad. I've promised my doctor that if I should have one that includes sweating or nausea, I'll go to the hospital.

Did that once, maybe 10 years ago. By the time I got there, the attack was nearly over, and they took forever about actually *doing* anything. That's why I have Nitro handy, but they didn't take me seriously at all. In the meantime, I've been taking baby aspirin more than half the time, and have not had further problems until this year. Perhaps it's brought on by my increased level of activity (gardening) or perhaps by my escalating chocolate. Or perhaps just because I'd forgotten the baby aspirin for several months. Don't know.

So, Plan Of Attack:

Limit the 12-minute exercise to only the first one, only once per day, and only in the morning. I had been rather proud of myself for going farther, but perhaps it's too much too fast.

Limit chocolate. I know from experience that simply cutting it out is too much of a shock to the body. I'm aiming for cutting it in half. Which still leaves a lot of chocolate.

Get serious about this diet. Start the daily videos on Monday, and keep going every day, even if I can't follow through completely. Someone else on this site mentioned that they were starting over, hoping to do better, and it was kind of a revelation to me. It had never occurred to me that you could do it less than perfectly and then simply try again.

Eat vegetables. I'm afraid I really love wheat products - bread, toast, sweet rolls, crackers in soup, etc. That's what I turn to for snacks, and it's got to stop. I need to snack on vegetables and fruits, whether cooked or raw.

Eat salads. I *do* like raw vegetables. For most of my life, *I* was the one encouraging others to try the taste treats of raw corn, peas, and potatoes. But for a long time now, preparing raw foods has seemed like such a chore. I am going to do it. Starting with my favorite salad:

Spinach and Avacado Salad

A bowl full of raw spinach
A sprinkle of Craisins
Another sprinkle of pine nuts
Half of an avocado
Raspberry Vinaigrette

Yesterday, I ate this salad, a little bit of blueberry yogurt, one-third bar of Slim-fast, a handful of M&Ms, and one Blueberry Smoothie (1½ Cups).

Blueberry Smoothie

1 or 2 bananas
½ C frozen blueberries
6-oz cup of blueberry yogurt
1 scoop of banana flavor Spiru-tien
1 rib of celery
1 handful of spinach
1 fingerling carrot
Up to ¼ cup of sprouts
enough water, milk or coconut milk to make it as thin or thick as you like
a little bit of stevia or suar if you have to

Obviously, you need a really good blender to break it all up. Put in the hard things first - the vegetables and frozen fruit, or they won't blend down enough.

This will make at least two servings


I have the Kitchen Crop Seed Sprouter. I like it best of all I've watched other people work with. I keep one batch of groats and one batch of quinoa going all the time. Except lately I've been using it for sprouting my garden seeds - melons, squashes, tomatoes and peppers, etc, and haven't grown any sprouts to eat. I suppose this could add to my recent problems.

If you decide to sprout, get raw organic groats and/or quinoa at a good store, and just follow the directions on the sprouter. Just remember that the size of the sprout is not important. What's important is soaking the seeds to the point of sprouting. After that you can eat the plant at any size (as long as it still fits in the sprouter).

Boy, don't I sound all know-it-all for someone in such bad health? But it isn't what you know, it's what you DO.

Biggest problem right now, I think, is that I'm not used to waiting at least 2½ hours between eating. I have been eating constantly for so many years, I don't really remember anything else. I almost have to be asleep to not be hunting for something to eat.

Maybe we'll have Waldorf salad for dinner tonight.
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