Taro (mother2012) wrote,

It seems the only thing that gets me motivated enough to write about any more is politics.

While I miss this place terribly, I'm simply too busy to spend any time here. Gardening goes well, I have a part time summer job, and I'm keeping three people working, in terms of transportation, breakfasts and lunches.

But I watch the partisan fights.

Here's the latest discovery. Did you know that Paul Ryan is a follower of Ayn Rand? No, I mean an *avid* follower. I saw a clip of him talking about Atlas Shrugged. He believes, with his entire being, that wealth should flow to the top, that the rich are the only ones deserving of money. That we, the poor and middle classes, have no business holding that resource.

Put this together with Romney's comment within the last year that the reason people are out of work is because of abortion. That's right. Abortion. Because if we had more people in the work force, there would not be a labor problem.

HE SAID THAT. Right on camera. How out of touch can you be?

If I need to spell it out, that means:
1) He thinks that every child born is going to grow up to contribute to the labor pool.
a) He has no concept that most aborted children would have ended up on Welfare.
2) He thinks that *more* people would mean that there were *more* jobs.
a) Do Not ask me to explain the reasoning behind that!
3) He assumes that non-rich children are born to serve - to create more wealth for himself.
a) And implicit in that is that he thinks *we* believe that too!

I have been saying for a couple years that the rich really want to return to a feudal system - with themselves as royalty and the rest of us as serfs. Do you really need more proof than what they are saying?

I think (hope, pray) that Romney has completely thrown the election by selecting Paul Ryan. But I am seriously scared for my country.
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