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I sit down at the computer, play a game of solitaire, check my email, and then think, "Now what?" It isn't an exciting place to be anymore.

The fact is that I miss this forum. I miss the interactions, and I miss you.

So I will try again.

It's been a crazy summer. Besides ambitious gardening projects, I've had to wait on K again. Her roommate (S), the one that normally drives her to work and home again, has been developing cataracts for years, and it got to the point that K was terrified to ride with her. Only this year was it recognized that she simply couldn't see anymore - it has happened gradually.

So I was supposed to take over the driving until after the cataract operations (2 - one for each eye), which were scheduled for early June. But S had an infection of some kind, and then it became obvious that she had some kind of circulatory problem. So the cataracts were removed on the 21st and 28th this month. The doctor took pity on her and did a pro bono special type of operation, about $2000 more than what Medicaid actually paid for.

She's still talking about how well she can see. She's even discovered that reading isn't the chore she thought it was. And her house is rapidly getting cleaner. *g*

And starting today, she's going to be driving K home from work every day. That saves me an hour a day.

I'm still driving K to work. Getting S up in the morning early enough to get K to work on time has been an issue for years, and the fact is that I have to be up early anyway to get Son off to work. So I'm going to continue doing that end. Not as bad as you might think. I owe K a good bit of money, which this driving is putting a major dent in. And she's retiring after October - just can't face trying to hobble or push her scooter though snow for one more season.

But it's freeing just to not have to end my day at 4:00 pm to get her home.

To give you an example: On Tuesday to 21st, I got up at 5:00 am, arrived to pick up S at 5:30, delivered her to the surgeon at 6:00, got home by 7:00, fixed lunches for Son and Hubby, fixed cold half of breakfast for Hubby, picked up K at 8:00, dropped her off at work at 8:15, fixed the hot half of Hubby's breakfast at 8:30, delivered him to the dentist at 8:50, dashed back to the surgeon to pick up K, got her home and got back to the dentist by 9:45, got Hubby to work by 10:00. And then spent a couple hours plastering the ceiling in the Game Room.

Repeat this Tuesday, minus the dentist. I've been tired ever since. I normally get up about 7:00 am.
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