Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Philosopy on Prayer


I decided that Raederle had mooned over the lost love of her life long enough, so last night's meditation turned to - guess what? - Dom and Elijah.

I asked first whether I would get the last $10,000 out of the insurance company, and she said yes, and then whether I should go to the TORn thing in January, and she said no. No surprises there! (She says that for yes-or-no questions she opens a door and the answer will be there.)

Then because of my concern over the physical separation between the boys as well as over the issue that Elijah has lately been seen without his ring, I asked whether they still want to be together. She said she was inundated with so much information and so many impressions that she couldn't begin to comprehend it. I suggested that she pull just one out of the jumble.

She said she saw them sitting in a restaurant, which she described in detail (on the inside), as having red carpet with a gold pattern which matched the pale gold color of the walls. The bottom half of the wall is a wood wainscotting which she said was about five and a half feet high - about as tall as Elijah. Then she said, "No, taller than Elijah. He's really short!"

They were sitting at a table, and Dom handed Elijah a very ornate red box, which Elijah refused. We couldn't get any specifics about what was in the box, except that it was not jewelry, and that it carried an emotional significance.

Trying for more specific information, I asked whether Dom still wants to be with Elijah and got an unqualified 'yes'. I asked whether Elijah still wants to be with Dom and was told that he is confused (I can't ever hear that word without thinking about "Meet Confustion"). People have been telling him that he needs to move on, and he isn't sure what he wants to do.

I asked specifically about the ring and she said, "It isn't gone. It's always somewhere close, in his pocket or a dresser drawer, or something."

I pray for him. And I thought I would specify to anyone who is interested how I pray.

I don't believe it is Right to pray for conditions that you yourself want for someone else. I very much think that Dom was meant for Elijah, that they are supposed to be together. But this is my own opinion, and I have no right to foist it off on Elijah as Truth, anymore than my sister has a right to pray that I will see the error of my ways and be 'saved'. Since I believe in the power of prayer, that it makes a difference, and that each person praying something contributes to its manifestation in the real world, I'm careful about what I pray for, especially for someone else.

I also believe that there are two ways for 'prayer' to have an effect - 1) you ask for a spiritual being to do it or 2) you do it yourself.

In the Asking, I ask that If it is right with his karma, If it fits in with his life purpose, help him to stay with Dom, arrange things to make it easier and possible.

In the Do It Yourself, I send Light and Love (I see them as being basically identical, except that Light can be sent sometimes where you cannot love the person) to not only surround him, but to specifically cut off incorrect influence - in other words, to help him be able to do his own thinking, influenced only by whatever his own spiritual guides are trying to enable.

People often get fatalistic - believing that what will be will be, that we don't really have much choice about it, that God will see to it that it comes out right, etc. I don't believe that at all.

I think that the image of God as Father (or Mother) is exactly correct. As children, the parent takes control of everything - what you eat, what you wear, where you go, who you associate with, what school you go to - everything. When you are grown, the parent may help occasionally where possible, but you are expected to lead your own life and make your own decisions.

This is why the saying that "God protects children, drunks, and fools", because these are people unable to make intelligent decisions.

I believe that we are totally capable of making the wrong decisions, even if for the right reasons. I believe that friends should help us in making the right decisions, but not foist their way on us. And love and support us even if we don't take their advice and fall flat on our faces.

"I love him. Whether or no, I love him."

I love Elijah Wood. How? why? what reason can there be behind it? - all are irrelevant. I love him and will love him regardless of what decisions he makes. And I love him enough to daily send him that light of love and protection, and pray that he will be inspired to make the right decisions for him.
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