Taro (mother2012) wrote,

A 6:00 morning. Had to get K to the vet by 7:30 to have her kittens neutered (then race back, get Hubby to work, and go get her again).

Yesterday I spent visiting #1 Son. He lives 50 minutes away, so I don't get there often. We had a lovely day, talking about his problems, and playing a game of Innovation. He's quite heavy, diabetic, and otherwise disintegrating. I brought him the appropriate pills for his broken ankle (broken due to his weight and diabetes, not to an accident), and for his forgetfulness. He's considering doing a raw food day once a week. (yay!) This would help his health far more than he can imagine.

Later today, #2 Son and I will be laying the last block of concrete in the carport. Then I can think about moving the cherry tomatoes in there to lengthen their season. If it isn't too late already. Leaves are being bit by the cool nights. A lot of trees have turned already. And I'm not seeing any blossoms on the tomato today. Even though this week the temperatures have been 80s - 90s.

I'm eating a kale salad. *sigh* I told Daughter that it was good. What that means is that it isn't so awful that I can't eat it. I *wish* I could do all raw, but I doubt it.
Tags: garden, k, kids, raw
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