Taro (mother2012) wrote,


This is why Romney keeps lying and flip-flopping.

Because in spite of what we would consider immoral dealings, he really wants to be a good person. He probably isn't prejudiced. He probably honestly believes in what the old Republican Party believed. But the new Republicans are the masters now. Bought and sold by the Koch brothers, among others.

All that stuff he's spouting that sounds so much like Democrats, is what he'd really like to do. What he did for Massachusetts, he'd really like to do.

If he gets elected, *they* aren't going to let him.

Personally, I think it all went bad in 2000. If McCain had been nominated instead of Bush, and won, I think the Republican Party might have stayed on track. By the time they put him up in 2008, it was too late, and he was too old.

Not that I would have preferred the Republicans even then, but they wouldn't have been the absolute disaster they are now.
Tags: political
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