Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Pressure Stockings

I've been wearing pressure stockings for about three months now, so a word for anyone else who's contemplating going that direction.

1. Wow! Tons more energy! On the days when I couldn't wear them for some reason, I'm really aware of the difference.

2. I started wearing them on the advice of a doctor to reduce my varicose veins. It actually has had some effect that way. My legs look a whole lot better. The deep veins that pop out, though, are still there after a few hours without the stockings, and the most purple knots on my ankles are still there.

3. What kind to get?
a. Go to a surgical supply store. Drug store stockings just don't do it. Compared to these, they are just like wearing hose.
b. I had a prescription for two pairs in October. I chose a warm/fuzzy black pair and a pair that sort of simulates regular hose. I got lucky with the black ones and never wear the skin-tone pair.
c. The nude-looking stockings are actually tougher, like white balloons are tougher than blue ones. They are harder to put on, and where your ankle turns, they hurt, digging into the skin.
d. The black ones are soft, just as supportive, and have a mesh around the ankle that doesn't dig.
e. If you want to find them, they are Dr. Comfort Shape to Fit compression wear sport socks, #701313.
f. They are expensive - almost $60, and worth it.

I'm getting another pair tomorrow.
Tags: health
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