Taro (mother2012) wrote,

It's spring again!

I do best in the spring. I have farmer blood, and the warming soil calls to me. Whether it's the returning sun, the lack of either hot or cold, or getting far enough away from the holidays that I can stop eating sugary foods -- probably all three.

In our exceptionally warm February, I planted some herbs in peat pots -- Thyme, Rosemary, Coriander, etc, which are a couple inches tall now, and decorating my dining room window.

The first week of March, I re-ran my gas lines. Someone a hundred years ago (give or take) thought it proper to run the line all around the main part of the cellar in a large rectangle, about 30 feet total. Then they did it again for the upstairs apartment. Decades ago, when one of the hot water tanks failed, we had one of the gas meters locked, but the pipes still run all over the place.

This is a waste of gas, and clogs up the ceiling of the cellar. And provides another place for spiders to spin.

The new gas line will run about 6 feet. I have most of it done, but want to wait for warm weather before completely shutting off the gas in order to dismantle it all. Unfortunately, it has to be unwound from the end. There aren't any unions in it. Then I will have 50 feet of useless pipe. I may try to sell it on eBay.

All the running up and down stairs is good for me, of course. But it takes heaps of energy. Feeling like I deserved it, I rather pigged out on dark chocolate mini Reece's Cups, and by the time I stopped the project, I didn't feel like doing anything.

I have posted on my refrigerator: Eating sweets makes you want to do nothing but eat more sweets.

Too true. For a solid week, I did next to nothing. I tried caffeine pills and 5-Hour, but nothing helped, and I barely managed to pull myself around, though I did manage to plant tomatoes, peppers, spinach, and broccoli in my Aerogarden.

So Friday I knuckled down. I got the sweets cut almost completely. Saturday I fasted. That means (to me) nothing but raw vegetables. I also stayed in bed to watch TV and read a new book. Nothing else was going to get done! Today I am better. With the temperature outside at over 55 degrees and sunny, I did some garden work. Not as much as I would have -- the soil is still frozen.

Today I've let up a bit on the diet - no sweet or wheat, but I've had chicken along with my spinach and (cooked) potato.

I'm hoping it will thaw a bit today and tomorrow, so that I can plant the early crops -- peas, carrots, spinach. And the wild strawberry seeds I've been hoarding.
Tags: diet, garden, health, house
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