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My yard this year

We've done a lot of work again this year. It's always a push to get things well started before going to Media West over Memorial Day weekend, but it has been very successful this year. We are now having salads every day, with leaves of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, strawberry, basil, lemon mint, beet, and onion.

This is the large planter that Son and I created two years ago. I think I like having the short, scattered vegetables in here. They're easier to grow multiples, and easy to get at. We've been having salads every day now.
Large Planter 2013
Cauliflower in the foreground, followed by scallions, then lettuce, beets and carrots.

At son's prompting, we've added some potential fruit producers behind the parking area we created last year. I hope you can see this pic. I can't.
Fruits4 2012
The stalks with leaves on top are dwarf apple trees; the bushy item between them is blackberry. The bare sticks to the left of that represent raspberry bushes. Time will tell whether they make it. The two bushes on the left are blueberries which I purchased from Urban Roots this year. They are covered with fruit.

We built the strawberry bin two years ago, and it produced nicely last year. We picked four strawberries yesterday.

The heart of the vegtable garden. I like this configuration of boxes and expect to make it permanent. I'll be putting down gravel paths later this year (as I acquire time and money).
Boxes 2013
Broccoli in the foreground. I discovered we can use a lot of it. Not only does it keep producing small heads, the small to medium size leaves are a great addition to salads. The middle row has tomatoes and peppers, and is already a whole lot higher, because I've added the supports. I have two red tomatoes: Romas and Sweet 100s; and two yellow tomatoes, a medium size and a little pear. In the back are peas climbing the trellis, with carrots at their feet.

Note to Daughter - 0176
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