Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Fire stuff - moving in

Well, we're back in the house. Sort of.

I moved my computer over here two weeks ago, which isn't always convenient, since I can't get up early to get on it (or stay up late over it), but maybe I'm getting my sleep. The reason I did it worked - I spend more time working on the house, since I'm here all day now.

Saturday we brought over the other two computers, but Dale hasn't set his up yet. He just displaces me at mine. He's like that. Trouble is, this one is so much better than his. I asked him if he wanted a new one, and he said no.

Raederle, of course, got hers set up and running immediately. But ... *sigh* she kicked the cord and unplugged everything, then she couldn't get back online. That went on for a day - finally got Adelphia to fix it, but then her hard drive went wonky. It now won't fire up and I fear that she's lost her files. She's going to be awfully unhappy. So I'm taking it to the Computer Man this afternoon. With fingers crossed.

We aren't sleeping here yet. Our lovely new bed is set up in the lovely new bedroom with lovely new linens, but we haven't used it. Because Raederle's lovely new bed is not set up anywhere.

Well, she wanted to make the attic into her bedroom. Her old bedroom is stuffed to the ceiling with ... stuff. Dale took over re-doing the attic, and he made a complete mess. Now I have to figure out how to fix it without damaging his fragile ego. *sigh* But at least the bed area is shaping up. I got up the knee-wall (the vertical part as opposed to where the eves run right down to the floor) last night and now I have to go plaster. Then we can paint. Then we can put down flooring (ordered vinyl tiles - it has to be pink and black checkerboard) which will come on Monday. So Tuesday I should be able to set up her bed. (Yeah, right.) Then we can sleep here. And I can get up at 4:30 when I can't sleep and get on the computer!
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