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My yard this year

My garden has been really successful this year.

We've eaten several zucchini. I usually pick them small and add them to salads. I've discovered some edible recipes for bigger ones that we like though, at Allrecipes.com. This one gets rave reviews from my familiy.

And the beans - I love the ones you get when you get 'Chinese Buffet', and used
this recipe successfully.

We've had two meals featuring our beets. I boil them, then peel and slice and cook at a low heat until the liquid is nearly gone, then add butter.

Same for the carrots, except I usually add a touch of brown sugar too, to make a glaze. Carrot tops are added to our morning Smoothies.

The new pea plants I just planted, hoping for a fall crop. I've no idea whether that will work around here or not, but I have greatly enjoyed the raw peas from June and July.
new peas

The peppers are coming. Slowly. I'm impatient for them. I should have started them inside sooner.

The first crop of tomatoes. I like romas, with their small size and meaty texture. We never use up large tomatoes, and they end up spoiling, so I didn't plant any this year. I have Sweet 100's, yellow, and yellow pear which are just ripening.

My squash isn't doing so well. I love winter squash enough to keep trying, even though I haven't actually been successful yet. I tried putting it in with the corn again. A few inches under the root is a 'saucer' to help keep the soil moist enough. The plastic ring around it is to help prevent cutworms. I'm giving up on corn. Too much work for very little return.

An overall shot of the tomatoes and peppers, with a broccoli in the front. Yes, I took the pictures in the dark.
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