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My Life History in a Nutshell

. . . Or
Health Update
Okay, so this is how it is.
1. I have had pains which I believe are angina for a lot of years -- at least 15.
2. Somewhere around that time, I mentioned it to my GP, who totally ignored it.
3. I get less pain and more ambition when I'm sure to take blood thinners, such as aspirin and garlic.
4. About 10 years ago, they gave me a stress test (when I was feeling fresh) and concluded that I didn't have a problem.
5. About 6 years ago, I suddenly passed out -- without warning.  I went to the hospital, where they did something they call tilt-table test and caused me to faint. They then diagnosed syncope.  They did not suggest that I needed to to anything about it.
6. Probably the same year, I went to the hospital when I had one of my 'angina attacks', where they did absolutely nothing except tell me they couldn't find anything wrong.  Of course  the attack was over before they monitored my heart at all.
7. About two years ago, the angina attacks suddenly became more severe.  I did research and self-diagnosed Unstable Angina, as well as a-fib.  Which is dangerous.  I made a few (small) lifestyle changes, and the symptoms backed off.
Recently, I suddenly became convinced it was time to see a cardiologist, which I did, on the 9th of December.  She sent me for a stress test on the 16th.
They couldn't do the stress test because -- guess what -- atrial fibrillation.  Fairly severe and persistent.  Now I not only intellectually know what it is, but what it *feels* like.  Which would be hard to describe, except the part which makes you feel anxious.  I guess it's the reverse of ''fight or flight' - the racing heart causing the anxiety.
They called my doctor who prescribed a Holter Heart Monitor for 24 hours, and rescheduled the stress test for the following week.
I *thought* that would give me an opportunity to finally get the angina official.  I tried.  I exercised, I got a lot of stuff done that day, but had no symptoms.  That I knew of.
When the doctor got the results, she was so concerned she tried to call me ON SUNDAY!  She left me a note (on myBMGchart.com) that a-fib like that is the primary cause of strokes.  (Oh, and cancelled the stress test.)
Okaaaaay ...
She pulled strings and got me in with an electrophysiologist on Monday afternoon.
Okay, that's when things got real.  He gave me to know that my a-fib is bad enough, and unpredictable enough, that I could pass out again at any time.  Without warning.  Like when I'm driving.....
Upshot -- Getting a pacemaker on Friday.
Which may be better than sitting here all day unable to eat because of the hole the molar which was removed this morning left in my mouth.
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